Can a Virtual Office Address Be Used as a Registered Office Address?

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Can a Virtual Office Be Used as a Registered Office

Yes, a virtual office address can be used as a registered office address of a company provided it meets the requirements of the Companies Act 2006. Using a virtual office address as your registered office address will earn you numerous benefits as a business owner, a start-up, or even an entrepreneur.

Businesses with a home-based operation can use a virtual office address to register their company to give them a professional look.

Is it legal to use a virtual office address as a registered office address? Read through the article to know how you can use a virtual office address and what benefits it can offer your business.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a cost-efficient way that businesses can build a professional environment without incurring the costs of renting office space.

Thanks to virtual offices businesses can set up from anywhere and use administrative services when needed such as meeting rooms, phone services, mail handling, and video conferencing.

What is the difference between a virtual office and a physical office?

The term UK virtual office means using a professional address without the use of actual space and the conventional office is a location where employees conduct their business operations.

The other differences are;

A virtual office is best suited for remote workers and is flexible in terms of business establishment through the avoidance of committing to a space while an office is constrained to one physical location.

Branding in an office space reflects the company’s culture, products, and services while an address attracts customers for businesses using virtual office services.

Is virtual office legal in the United Kingdom?

UK Virtual offices are entirely legal in the UK and are recognised and regulated under UK law. However, the virtual office should be legally compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

The registered address should be able to receive official mail from Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Virtual office addresses London offered by BusinAssist meets all requirements and can be used legally as company’s registered office address with Companies House and HMRC.

Personalised UK Virtual Office Address

What are the requirements for using a virtual office as a registered business address?

There are considerations and requirements businesses need to observe before using a virtual office as a registered business address. The requirements are;

  • The address must be in the same country or jurisdiction as your company incorporation. For example, if your business was incorporated in Scotland, your virtual office address should be in Scotland.
  • It should meet Companies House address criteria of an ‘’appropriate address’’ since a P.O. Box is no longer permitted. An appropriate address is one where companies are capable of receiving and acknowledging all official communications from government entities.
  • It must be a physical address where mail receipts can be accessible.
  • It should meet legal requirements in your specific location.
  • The address must be displayed in all company correspondence for transparency purposes.

What are the advantages of using a virtual office as a registered business?


Using a virtual office address to register your business gives you privacy by keeping your home address secure.

What is a virtual office address / registered office service? It is a service that allows businesses to use an official address for their incorporated company.

Companies House always puts the address on the public record for statutory correspondence. It serves as an official correspondence to government agencies like HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Companies House.


Virtual office costs are a lot lower in comparison to physical office rental in terms of rent, utilities, and maintenance services. This provides the flexibility of capital redeployment to other operations.


A virtual office is an excellent option for flexible workplace arrangements that enable professionals to stay consistent in their productivity. A virtual office has flexible terms that will enable businesses to expand, sparing them from being hindered by a long-term lease contract. This ensures quick scale-up for start-ups which accelerates their business.


A virtual office takes away the commute time and allows individuals to work from anywhere and this way may be effective in enhancing work-life balance. Moreover, it increases the productivity of the employees by minimising work distractions found in a physical office space. This provides the employees with an opportunity to focus on their tasks more.


A virtual office offers a professional address located in a prestigious location making businesses look professional. A receptionist who handles your mail, and a virtual mobile number services also give a company a professional image.

Dedicated services:

Virtual offices include services like mail handling and answering phone services that save you a lot of time and boost you financially. Renting communication services (for example video conferences) via the cloud will be more reliable and consistent in quality.

How does a virtual office work?

A virtual office provides businesses with;

  • Professional business address. You can use the address as your registered business address to receive and correspond with official mail. The address is located in prestigious locations to give your business a professional image. We own an impressive portfolio of virtual office addresses to choose from and give you the facility to build your own unique virtual office addresses.
  • Mail handling services. When you get mail or a package sent to your virtual office, your service provider will receive them on your behalf and send them to you either via email or to your actual location. BusinAssist virtual office services offer incorporated mail handling and mail forwarding services. 
  • Phone services. You receive a local UK phone number that allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. You can also get call answering or reception desk services. We have UK Virtual Mobile Number packages where you can receive free unlimited calls as long as you are connected to the internet. It also comes with the added facility to receive SMS messages and OTPs.
    We also provide a range of telephony solutions to support your business which include business Voip landline numbers which will enable you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world. It also comes with a Voicemail facility.
  • Meeting rooms. You can access professional meeting rooms at discounted rates for client meetings or presentations.
  • Remote operations. You can manage your business from anywhere in the world with a virtual office. Whether you are traveling or at home, your business will remain operational.
  • Credibility. With a professional address located in prestigious locations, your business will be listed in reputable locations creating a positive first impression. This gives your business stability and builds trust between you and your clients.

BusinAsisst has addresses located in prestigious locations that will not only create a professional image but also attract customers and generate revenue. We let you build your own unique Virtual Office Address that suits your business and your image with 100% mail privacy. We don’t open your mail unless you ask us to.

How to set up a virtual office address in the UK?

Now that you understand the requirements and considerations needed for a virtual office to be used as a registered business, you can easily register your business with BusinAssist.

BusinAssist has 5 addresses to choose from as the face of your business which can be used as your UK registered address, UK correspondence address, and Director’s service address. Our locations include:

Now that you know the location you want for your business, you can build your unique address through our simplified online process. You can choose the type of address you want and enter an office number of your choice.

Once done, you can choose one of our packages that obtain additional services. Our affordable packages range from bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

Once you make payments, your cheap virtual office address will be set up and ready to be used. You can use the address on your website, in marketing publications, and on your invoices.

Using a virtual office as your registered business address is possible. It offers flexibility and scalability to your business. Without the need for a physical office space, you can work efficiently.

Need help to register your business with a virtual office? Feel free to reach out to us at

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