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Business Address with Virtual Office Package in
Tottenham Court Road,
Fitzrovia, Central / West End of London

From only £2.31 per week!

We have a number of virtual office and Business Address packages available at this location. Mail forwarding, call answering / business voip / phone lines and virtual mobile numbers are some of the many additional benefits that our packages have to offer at this location. Tottenham Court Road is a very well known shopping district in the Centre / West End of London. The vast majority of the residents of London will have heard of Tottenham Court Road and will know where it is. Read on to find out more about the history of this iconic road and why it could potentially serve as an excellent location for your business.

From Electronics Haven to Modern Business Hub, and now a Virtual Office option.

Tottenham Court Road is a famous street located within the West End of London and within the Fitzrovia district of the Borough of Camden. In the 20th century it became the home to dozens of retailers and wholesalers of electronics and white goods. People would travel from around the country and even the world to visit the bustling street to purchase the latest electronic gadgets and luxury items. The street would attract tens of thousands of shoppers on a daily basis all in the hunt for their next camera, walkman, CD player, VCR, TV, Hi-Fi, laptop or with the intention to buy pretty much anything else that the shops had to offer that fell within the electronics family.

With the emergence of the internet in the late 90s and the gradual shift to online shopping the electronics wholesalers and retailers who once aligned this jostling street slowly closed their shutters one by one, on a permanent basis.

The New Face of Tottenham Court Road: From Electronics Capital to Bustling Shopping District

Today a stroll down Tottenham Court Road holds little evidence of its once renowned reputation as the electronics capital of the country. There is the odd shop scattered along the road selling mobile phones and accessories and other portable gadgets.

Instead, the neighbourhood has had a major shift in the types of tenants it now houses in the commercial premises that align the street. Today it is a vibrant and busy shopping district, home to hundreds of retailers. They range from coffee shops and restaurants to book shops, clothing retailers and banks. Tottenham Court Road is still one of the top 3 busiest shopping districts in the West End / Central London area. Oxford Street and Regent Street are probably the only 2 roads that rank higher in terms of attracting shoppers and consumers.

Providing You With a Virtual Office in Tottenham Court Road

The road also has a number of office blocks with additional office premises located above many of the shops. The offices have attracted a number of small and medium sized businesses in recent years. Apart from being a shopper’s delight it is also fast gaining a reputation for being the Creative Hub for the capital. This is a reflection of the many businesses that occupy office space on this road. This includes graphic designers, digital marketers, interior designers, clothing and footwear designers and many more.

Being located in a prime part of London it is of no surprise that property prices on this road are priced in the millions. Many of you may recognise Tottenham Court Road from the Monopoly board game. In the game, the road commands one of the highest levels of rent which is reminiscent of reality. The good news is that you do not have to spend millions of pounds to have your business located on this famous street. Instead, we make it possible for you to register your company / business at our corporate, business centre address from only £2.31 per week. That’s less than the price of a weekly coffee from any world renowned coffee shop!