An Exclusive Virtual Office / Business Address in
the East End of London

From only £0.88 per week!

Providing East London With a Virtual Business Office

Can it really be that cheap we hear you say? £0.88 is the equivalent to approximately USD 1.00

There is not much that £0.88 can buy you in today’s world of increasing prices and inflation. You will be lucky to get a bar of chocolate or a soft drink for £0.88! Even a cup of tea from StarBucks costs more!

With that in mind, we’re pleased to surprise you by telling you that we can give you your very own unique and individual address for your business for an inflation-busting rental fee of only £0.88 per week. So what’s the catch we hear you say? The simple answer is that there is none. You do have to pay us for 12 months in advance to qualify for this fantastic price, but we do not see that as so much of a catch. We see it as more of an economic trade off. You pay us for 12 months in advance and we will give you a budget-busting price that any serious competitor would struggle to match, let alone beat!

So what’s included in this £0.88 per week fee? Well the short and simple answer is that you get permission to use our London Address for your business. Not only that but you get to create your very own individual identity for your business by building your own unique office number using our address creation tool. Choose a lucky number or an easy to use number, or any combination of letters and numbers. The choice is yours. You also do not have to call it an office if you do not want to. You can assign your address with “an office number” or a “suite number” or a “unit number”. The choice is yours.

Explore our Virtual Office Package in East London

Your address can be used for anything that you want so long as it is legal. You can register a company to the address, use it as your registered address on eBay, Amazon or PayPal, you can add it to your business cards or letter head or even add it to your website. The sky’s the limit and there are no restrictions on our part on what you do with your address, so long as you have a subscription in place at all times while you are using it. Our cheapest £0.88 per week package comes with free mail handling as standard. This means that we will accept any letters that we receive for you and hold them for you to collect from us. If you want us to scan or forward your letters to you we can do that too via subscription to one of our more premium packages like the silver, gold or platinum package which all come with mail forwarding as standard. But we don’t stop at letters. We will accept your parcels for you too so long as they are no larger than the size of a shoe box and do not weigh more than 10kg.

Prime Location of East Ham Business Centre: Accessible, Vibrant, and Rich in History

Location wise our East Ham Business Centre is located in the busy commercial district of East Ham which is located in East London. It is approximately 3 miles from Canary Wharf and 5 miles from the Centre of London. Our office is next door to East Ham station which is less than 30 seconds walk away! The station serves trains on the District Line and Hammersmith and City Line servicing the much wider London Underground Tube Network.

Our office building sits on the corner of Burges Road and High Street North. The High Street is a busy and vibrant commercial district forming the epicentre of the London Borough of Newham. A variety of large multinational corporations can be found only a few minutes walk away from offices including Lidl, Iceland, Primark, Barclays Bank, HSBC, and many more well-known and internationally renowned names. The area itself dates back hundreds of years with a deep and rooted history going back to Anglo-Saxon times. Our business centre stands on the location of what once used to be a theatre. In later years it was transformed into a C&A store which stood proudly on the High Street for over 50 years, providing casual and smart clothing for the whole family, until the chain went bust just after 2005.

This address location would provide a fantastic address location to any start-up or medium sized business, and with prices to use our address starting at only £0.88 per week, you can’t go wrong!