What Is A Virtual Office and What Are The Benefits?

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What Is A Virtual Office and What Are The Benefits
What Is A Virtual Office and What Are The Benefits

As a business owner, you must have come across the term virtual offices. Ever since
the COVID pandemic hit the population, the very concept of remote working has gained
the limelight. As a result, concepts like virtual offices, digital companies, and remote
freelancing also came into our daily practice.

Because many companies introduced the concept of remote working during the
pandemic, almost 50% of the working population now demands work-from-home
facilities. This led to the emergence of so many digital companies that do not actually
have a physical address or even a real office. They operate from remote locations and
use virtual offices to make them look more professional.

Some companies have emerged just to provide such services along with other
corporate legal services like professional street addresses, conference rooms and even

receptionist services, and they may be cheaper than leasing an individual office space.
If you run a small business or require flexible office space, learning what a virtual office
is can help you decide whether you need one.

Welcome to BusinAssist – your all-rounder destination for all the corporate services you
need. Today, let’s talk about what a virtual office is and the advantages it may offer

First off, What is a Virtual Office?

What Is A Virtual Office: What comes to mind when you hear the term “virtual offices?” Sounds much like a made-up location. It is somewhat close to that idea. A virtual office is actually a service
that provides your company with a formal business address at that location, even
though you’ll work from anywhere in this world. It functions as a single office unit with a
physical postal address, but it doesn’t have to be in a fixed location; you can still work
mainly from home, or even use services from various locations.

Along with virtual office services, you also get corporate services such as phone
answering access to shared meeting rooms (if you ever need to gain the trust of a client
or your teammates), mailbox services, virtual receptionists, and much more. This has
become trending after so many amazing software has emerged as communication and
collaboration tools such as screen sharing, video conferencing, and messaging

Companies that want the convenience, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of working with
a remote team opt for virtual office services. There are no long-term contracts, you don’t
need to hire extra administrative or janitorial staff, and the cost of renting a virtual office
is much lower than renting, furnishing, and paying utility bills for an entire physical

Benefits of a Virtual Office

The mere popularity and current demand for a virtual office service show how beneficial
it is for small companies and startups in the long run. Here’s a detailed list of all the
benefits people usually seek from these services.

1. Highly Cost-Effective Solution

Probably, the most important and the most popular reason why people opt for a virtual
office is cost savings. We all know how much the price of real estate is going up and up.
Renting office space in a desirable location can be costly, particularly for small
businesses or start-ups. A virtual office provides businesses with a professional address
and phone number without the high overhead costs associated with a traditional office.

2. Gives the Professional Image

Do you know what customers think about a company that does not have a physical
address or an operating head office? Frauds! You don’t have to worry about being
called a fraud or getting sued if you can hire virtual office services.

Having a physical business address in a prestigious location can help build credibility for
your business and trust with clients and customers. Plus, a virtual office provider can
offer mail handling services and phone answering services, giving businesses a more
professional image.

3. Get Your Own Virtual Phone Number

A permanent virtual phone number that you can use as your official business number is
something that many companies offer. Having this helps you avoid giving out your
phone number to strangers. If someone gets hold of your personal phone number, they
may harass you or gain access to your personal devices if the number gets hacked.

Virtual phone numbers are not hard to get and are often not very expensive. But one
thing to remember is to check that your business phone numbers can be moved to other
providers or that you can keep using them (even if you have to pay) if you ever need to
leave the virtual office. Sticking to the same phone line for your business can be a smart

4. Helps Employees Work Better

Not every employee lives in close proximity to their offices. Some jobs require them to
travel a long distance to get to the office. That drains a lot of energy from your

employees, preventing them from giving their all during their shifts. Remote work is very
convenient for both the employees and the company.

If your employees do not have to travel and waste their energy, they can work with
better enthusiasm and be more productive. This can lead to increased productivity as
employees can work during the hours they are most productive. Also, a virtual office can
provide administrative support services, such as call answering and mail handling,
freeing up employees to focus on core business tasks.

5. Access to Meeting Rooms and Coworking Spaces

Do you want to impress an investor with a meeting in a beautiful conference room? Or
do you only need a little office space every now and then to have a special face-to-face
meeting with your team or with customers?

Most virtual offices have some choices for real space in their places. This could include
access to conference rooms that you can schedule, a floating desk that you can save,
or little office spaces that you can use sometimes. Make sure you look at what your
virtual office has and think about whether it will be enough for you as you grow.

In a Nutshell

A virtual office is a convenient and economical way for companies to establish a
trustworthy presence in various locations. With a virtual office service, you’re not leasing
a whole office that can accommodate your entire staff every day. This means you also
don’t need to furnish an office or stress about commercial renter’s insurance or utility
bills. You also get access to some services like assistants or receptionists, which is
much cheaper than hiring someone full-time.

If you ever need to buy virtual office services, make sure you give BusinAssist a chance
to prove the quality of our services for a very cheap deal. Contact us today to know
more about our services!

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