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Walking on the path of entrepreneurship is both exciting and full of hardships. The first thing
that comes to mind for any person when talking about business is profits. However, that’s not
the case. It’s not a piece of cake to see easy profits from the very first month of starting a
brand-new business. Starting a business by yourself is full of challenges and risks.

With the rise of so many digital technologies, nowadays, any organisation or business can
operate efficiently without the need to be located somewhere physically. So, just like remote
working, today, the concept of virtual offices and remote services has become quite a trend.

In the UK, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses are assisted by this virtual working
model. As business owners discover the advantages of working remotely, the percentage of
working adults who reported working from home in early 2022—36%—continues to climb. The
number of small businesses operating remotely has increased in tandem with the rise in remote workers. BusinAssist has been created to help set up such virtual offices all across the UK and

BusinAssist is the ultimate company supporting remote working companies and businesses you
have always looked for! Our wide range of corporate services is designed to meet the needs of
today’s in-demand business layouts. Today, we will explore the key services that BusinAssist
provides to help businesses succeed in this growing digital era.

First off, Let’s Discuss the Benefits of Having a Virtual Office

A virtual office is nothing fancy but a unique corporate address that clients and customers can
see on the official website. It allows businesses to integrate the flexibility of home working
without losing the essential elements that make the workplace consistent, productive and

Thinking of using a virtual office to reduce costs, grow your workforce and increase
productivity? Here are 6 reasons why we love virtual offices:

● The Best Way to Save Money

A virtual office address has many advantages over a real brick-and-mortar office. For example, you will need less equipment, fewer chairs, smaller storage spaces, and other costs like phone lines and
fax machines. This means that you can save money by using a virtual office. Also, hiring external
services to assist with call answering, scheduling, and diary management lowers even more
costs—you don’t have to hire more people to handle these tasks.

● Never Worry About Space Again

The term “work from home” has been replaced by “remote work” more efficiently in the last
decade. Because most workers believe: Home is where the WiFi is. Therefore, since most virtual
offices work online, such companies do not need much physical space. You can pick any office
or room where you want to run your business as long as you have internet access.

● Better Flexibility to Work

Since virtual offices usually don’t need the conventional use of office space, you can arrange
your meetings at any time because all transactions happen online. Cut out the time it takes to
travel to board rooms or meeting rooms. Simply open your communication platforms and start
your conversations!

● Bonus Boost on Productivity

Choosing to work from a virtual office instead of a traditional office environment can have a
very positive impact on your employees.

  • More employee satisfaction = more productivity.

Virtual offices give employees the chance to save money on commuting, work wherever they
feel most comfortable, and enjoy a flexible work-life balance. Offering this model as a company
benefit can often lead to a drop in staff turnover, meaning more employees are happier at
work. Happier employees work better, it’s as easy as that!

● Scaling is Never a Challenge

Scaling or expanding your business as a small business owner or start-up can be very hard when
you think about running costs. So, a virtual office setting comes to the rescue! In simple terms,
the less money you spend on an office space, the more money you can use for your growth

Virtual Office Solutions: BusinAssist Increases Business Productivity

Now that you know how beneficial it can be for small businesses to have a virtual office, let’s
talk about the services BusinAssist offers to make the lives of entrepreneurs like you easier.
From unique virtual office addresses to 24/7 call answering and call transfer services, we have it
all to fully support the growth of remote businesses.

We do not recommend you use your residential address as a business address because that can
cause a breach of security for you and your loved ones. If you have a starter and you are using
somebody else’s address for your business, you might fall in legal trouble, sooner or later. So,
what’s the solution?

Our amazing virtual office package can save you in these situations. We provide a unique and
valid virtual address for your business as per your needs. If you want to reach a specific
customer base, we can provide you with an address in that area. Our virtual office service is
perfect for businesses that need a professional address and office-related services without
having to spend a fortune to rent a brick-and-mortar office space. This service gives you a good
business address, mail handling help, and virtual meeting rooms in the cheapest rates ever!

Effortless Company Formation with BusinAssist’s Expert Service

If you are still working as a sole trader and have to work a lot throughout the day just to keep
your business running, you are still not a businessman—that’s self-employment. How do you
turn yourself into an entrepreneur? Incorporate your business and start hiring people to do the
work you have been doing all by yourself!

When you choose London virtual office services from BusinAssist, you also get free UK company formation assistance in the same package. This simplifies the entire legal procedure for company
formation services. Because we are an online business, we do not believe in lengthy paperwork.
We provide all of our services online, so a company formation will be completed within 24
hours if you do it online.

Improve Client Experience with BusinAssist’s Virtual Receptionist Service

First impressions are important in business. As a business owner struggling to give your
customers the best experience with limited funds, you can use BusinAssist’s virtual receptionist
service to make sure your clients always leave satisfied with the service, even without a
physical front desk. This service offers call answering, appointment scheduling, customer
service, and other features.

Maximise Productivity with Professional Virtual Assistant Services

BusinAssist provides virtual assistant services to help businesses manage their day-to-day tasks
efficiently. These virtual assistants can handle various tasks such as administrative duties, email
management, data entry, and other business-related tasks, freeing up valuable time for you to
focus on core business activities.

And More…

The services offered by BusinAssist go beyond just the ones listed above. Our platform is
continually evolving, introducing new services based on the changing needs of businesses.
In a nutshell, BusinAssist is more than just a service provider—it’s a business partner that’s
committed to helping businesses succeed. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established
business looking to optimise your operations, our range of services can make your business
journey smoother and more efficient.

So, visit our website and get in touch with us today!

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