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Companies House Default Address

You may be a new company owner who just incorporated their business and is struggling to find a business address to use. However, never make the mistake of using anybody else’s address without getting formal permission from the registered owner. Here’s why!

A registered office address is one of the legal requirements for forming a limited company. It must be a physical address in the same country where your company is registered, and it can be either residential or non-residential.

If a company uses an address as its registered office without permission, Companies House has the authority to change the company’s registered office to what is known as the “Companies House default address.”

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Today, we bring this ultimate guide for all those entrepreneurs who are struggling to find a genuine work address for their business and help them save their company’s reputation. So, let’s get started.

First Off, Why is Address Authorisation Important?

When creating a UK limited company, giving correct and current information, including a registered office address, is essential. This address acts as the official contact point for the company and is publicly visible for various legal and administrative reasons. Therefore, it is important that the address is real, and the company has permission to use the address.

What is Considered Fraudulent Use of a Business Address?

Cases of people using an address without permission have been increasing. Some dishonest users may use the address of a valid UK limited company or may use the address of an unaware homeowner to make a fake impression of trustworthiness or to trick others.

If you ever find out that a company has used your address without your consent or awareness, there are steps you can take to change the address and ways to tell Companies House.

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How to Report Such an Address to the Companies House?

First, you would contact Companies House to tell them that the company has no permission to use your address as its registered address. You can do this by phone at 0303 1234 500 or by email at enquiries@companieshouse.gov.uk.

Companies House have a default address, which they will apply to any companies that are using a registered office address dishonestly. In most cases, Companies House will need a specific form to be completed showing proper process has been done and evidence recorded before they switch to this default address.

What is the Companies House Default Address?

This is the address that Companies House will use in the event that they determine that a company is using its current registered office address without the necessary authorisation.

The default address is PO Box 4385, [Company number]: Companies House default address, Cardiff, CF14 8LH

For companies registered in Scotland or Ireland, the default address can be different depending upon the current office occupied by Companies House for the default address purpose.

When is it used?

If a company fails to provide acceptable evidence, Companies House will change the registered office address to a default address. Companies House is not obligated to open any documents delivered to this address and may destroy documents uncollected after 12 months.

A person or business can file an RP07: Application to change a company’s registered office address form with any supporting evidence if they think that their address is being used as a registered office address without their consent.

For instance, the landlord of a rented property files the RP07 after discovering that an ex-tenant is using the rented address as a registered office address without asking the landlord.

Companies House will examine the application and decide if the claim is valid. If they agree that it is, they will notify the company of the application. The company has 28 days to challenge the application—if they do not do this (or their case is weak), Companies House will switch the registered office to the default address.

How to Change Your Company’s Address from Companies House Default Address?

To change the registered office address, a company must file an AD01: Change of registered office address form. This form is only available on paper.

Companies House may also require (as stated in the Registrar’s rules and powers):

● documentation (such as a leasehold or freehold agreement) proving proprietary rights in the address of the company’s or a group company’s registered office
● a written agreement authorising the company to use the address as its registered office
● a utility bill addressed to the company or a group company at the registered office address in the last six months
● any other information or documents that demonstrate to the registrar that the company has the authority to use the proposed address as its registered office address.

Can You Use the Same Address Again from Which It Was Changed to the Default Address?

No, you cannot use the same address that was changed to the default address. However, it is possible with proper permission from the owner or occupier of the address. Some negotiation and settlement might work but it is not guaranteed that you will get that address back to use legally.

You must also update your address within 28 days of using the default address, otherwise, you may face legal consequences.

What Should I Do If an RP07 Has Been Filed Against My Company?

If you have been told that your use of an address as a registered office has been challenged, you need to respond fast.

In cases of an honest mistake, you should reach out to the person who has filed the application (this information is given to you). They may allow you to keep using the address and cancel their application. If they do not, you should switch the registered office address to a different address (that you have authority to use) as soon as you can to prevent the default address from being used.

If you think that you have the right to use the address as a registered office, you should send Companies House proof that you are allowed to use the address. You will then have to wait for Companies House’s decision.

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Q: What is the registered address of a company?
The official address of a company, association, or other legal body that has been incorporated is known as its registered office. It is generally a public record and is required in most countries where organisations or legal entities are registered.

Q: Why is it not desirable for any business to get a default address from Companies House?
A default address from Companies House is not desirable for any business because it means that the company has used an address as its registered office without proper permission. This will remain on the public record forever and harm the company in many ways.

This can damage the company’s reputation and image, as well as cause problems with mail delivery and legal obligations. A company should always use an authorised address as its registered office.

Q: How do I get a UK physical address?
You can get a shared physical office in the UK or if you need a virtual address just to mask your personal address from business operations, BusinAssist can help. Here, you can get one unique virtual office at the cheapest deal of only £0.88 per week, which can be billed quarterly or annually as per your requirements.

Q: Can a company operate forever on the Companies House default address?
Ans: You cannot keep trading with the default address. Companies House says that the default address must be changed to an address that the company is allowed to use within 28 days.

Even without this deadline, trading with the default address is not feasible. The harm done to a company’s reputation by using the default address is very serious. Investors, suppliers, partners, and customers would not trust a company that has the stain of a default address on it.

Also, even though Companies House will let you pick up mail that has been sent to the default address, this needs planning ahead by emailing Companies House and going to Cardiff.

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