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Prestigious Virtual Office Address on
the world renowned Hatton Garden in Holborn
Free, fast UK Limited Company Incorporation included!

From only £2.31 per week!

We present our clients with the opportunity to have their very own piece of Hatton Garden as the base and home of their businesses. All without laying out large deposits, large rental fees and without tying themselves into expensive, complicated and inflexible contracts.

When you subscribe to our virtual office service, we give you permission to use the address for our Holborn Business Centre located in Hatton Garden. We let you build your own unique address by giving you the facility to create your own unique office number. This is to ensure that your address is proprietary to you and is not shared with anybody else. It also gives your business a sense of individuality by allowing you to differentiate yourself from other businesses and individuals located on the street. What’s more, if you do not want to use the word “office” as your prefix you can use the word “suite” instead.

Virtual Office Package in Hatton Garden

We have a number of virtual office packages available for our Hatton Garden address service, all of which come with mail handling as standard. This means that we will accept post for you at this address. This includes Government letters, postcards, bank letters, general post and more. When we receive an item of post for you, we notify you about it leaving you to choose how to wish to retrieve it. For example, you can choose to have your post scanned to you or even forwarded to you anywhere in the world. Confidentiality is assured and we never open our clients’ mail unless we are instructed to do so.

Renting a physical office on Hatton Garden is likely to cost you a few thousand pounds per month. We make it possible for your company to have a presence on this street via our virtual business address service from only £2.31 per week!

Is Hatton Garden The Right Location For You To Base Your Business?

Hatton Garden is primarily known for being the home to many high end jewellers. If you want to purchase a diamond encrusted piece of jewellery like a ring or a necklace then Hatton Garden is the place to go. It is located in Central London not far from Holborn Station. Chancery Lane on the Central Line is the closest underground station to this up market and expensive street where the price of property and real estate can go into the millions.

Retailers and wholesalers of fine gems and jewels are not the only habitants of the street. Tucked away in some of the side streets and above many of the shops are small workshops and factories housing delicate machinery and skilled craftsmen who specialise in manufacturing many of the jewellery items that eventually find their way into the display cabinets of retailers and wholesalers of fine and exquisite jewellery around the world.

The infamous road has also been at the centre of a plethora of big budget films made by both UK based film makers and some of the larger studios across the pond in Hollywood. The films have mostly been high octane crime and heist type movies based mainly on a number of notoriously famous robberies that have taken place on the road. One of the most notable of these thefts was the great heist of 2015.

Providing You With a Virtual Office in Hatton Garden

Hollywood’s interest in this street has helped to propel it into the limelight for moviegoers around the world. As a result, a sizable global audience now knows where Hatton Garden is and also knows about the various treasures that it holds.

Being known as the jewellery quarter of England is not all that can be attributed to this delightful and majestic road. In recent years it has seen the development and construction of a variety of high end apartment conversions, meaning that there are now a few hundred people who also reside on this street and call it their home. In addition, there has been the emergence of at least 1 hotel that has opened its doors to the public. There are also a number of office blocks and office buildings located along the street. Some may argue that there is more office space on Hatton Garden than there is retail and residential space; making it the ideal place for an emerging business or company to base its headquarters at.