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Business Address with Virtual Office Package in
Oxford Street in Mayfair, London

From only £3.85 per week!

Who has played Monopoly before? We’re sure that most people have had a dabble at playing the world’s most popular board game, or at the very least heard of it.

In the game, “Mayfair'' is the most expensive location in the game. So what is this based on? Well, it is actually based on reality. It is a fact. Mayfair is one of, if not the most expensive part of London. Properties in Mayfair can command up to £4,000 per square foot. More than you would expect to pay for a property in Manhattan in New York and considerably more than you would expect to pay in the majority of other parts of the world. Most businesses would go the extra mile to open an office in Mayfair. After all, it does wonders for a business’s reputation. It screams prestige, glamour, success, money - all of the things that any entrepreneur, startup or small or medium sized business would want to project from their business’s reputation.

The harsh reality however is that having a business in Mayfair for the majority of small enterprises in the UK is nothing more than a distant dream, with a slim chance of turning it into reality.

Well…… That is until we came along!

Virtual Offices Based in Mayfair

We have now made the dream of having a multi million pound address location a very realistic and realisable reality by permitting our clients to use our Mayfair Business Address for their enterprise. But it doesn’t end there. It gets better. Not only can you have an address in Mayfair for less than the price of a weekly Big Mac, but your business also has the opportunity to be located on the most famous and exclusive road in Mayfair. The world renowned Oxford Street! Excited? You should be! But wait, there is 1 more added bonus. Our office is opposite the infamous Selfridges. Possibly the most famous department store in the world. Can you possibly get a better address than this? You can rent this virtual address now in just a few clicks.

Explore Our Virtual Office Packages

We have a range of virtual office packages to offer at this address location. All come with free mail handling and scan to email and mail forwarding. All packages come with free UK Ltd Company Formation and Voip Phone Lines and also Call Answering in the name of your company. Free Bank Accounts and free cash rewards are also included from the banks. Based on our research we are the only Business Address and Virtual Office Providers in the world that give clients an opportunity to have an Oxford Street, Mayfair address assigned to their business for such unbelievable value.

To add, all clients get their own unique office or suite number, to give themselves individuality. We even let you choose your own office number and customise it by using a numbers and letters combination if required.

Still not convinced? Well let us tell you more about Oxford Street so you can decide for yourself if using our Oxford Street address will benefit you and your company’s image.

It is conveniently located in the London Borough of Westminster. It is walking distance from a number of high end attractions in the City of London that attract millions of visitors and tourists every year. This includes Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and many more. It is approximately 1 mile in length and is serviced by 3 major underground stations on the Central Line. They are Oxford Circus, Marble Arch and Bond Street. The latter is also serviced by the newly opened Elizabeth line.

The Iconic Oxford Street: A Shopper's Paradise and Global Retail Hub

Oxford Street is probably most well known for the shopping opportunities it presents to anybody looking to go on a spending spree. It is possibly the most famous shopping destination in the world. It is highly unlikely that you will meet anybody in the UK who has not heard of Oxford Street in London before.

From any national retailer’s perspective having a presence in Oxford Street, London is a must If they are to make a statement and be taken seriously by their targeted customers. It’s for that reason that Oxford Street has long had the reputation for being a one stop location for everyone’s shopping requirements. From food, to clothes, to electronics and jewellery and everything in between, the street attracts up to half a million visitors from around the world on a daily basis. For this reason, it has gained the reputation of being the busiest shopping street in Europe.

But national retailers and chain stores are not the only businesses that you can see whilst taking a stroll down this busy street. There also a number of world renowned department stores on this road. The most famous is Selfridges who have had their flagship store on Oxford Street since 1909

The properties above the shops in Oxford Street are a mixture of residential flats and apartments, offices, studios and storage space.

If you want to portray an image for your business of prestige, success, glamour, individuality and high esteem then our Virtual Office Packages at our Oxford Street, Mayfair address provide you with the perfect solution to your requirements, all for a very cheap and affordable price.