How to Start a Business in 2024 in the UK with a Small Budget

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How to Start a Business in 2024

Starting a business in the UK with a small budget can be achievable by utilising virtual offices to reduce overhead costs. A virtual office is a cost-effective way for businesses without the expenditure of physical office space to establish a professional business address. Here you can discover the features of a UK virtual office and how you can set it up for your company.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to establish a professional presence without the overhead of a physical office space. A virtual office is basically a combination of people, technologies, and a place that come together to help businesses and individuals work more efficiently remotely.

Virtual office enables working remotely allowing businesses to take advantage of administrative services such as meeting rooms, phone services, mail handling, and video conferencing.

Can I use a virtual office for my business in the UK?

You certainly can use a virtual office London for your business; it is a legitimate and practical option for businesses, especially those seeking flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Virtual offices are legal, recognised and regulated under UK law. Additionally, Companies Act 2006 specifically allows businesses to use a virtual office address as their registered office address.

However, you should ensure that your virtual office address is located in the same country where your company is registered and the virtual office must be a physical address in the UK to register your business with Companies House.

How does a virtual office work?

A virtual office allows businesses to take advantage of a virtual address and administrative services such as phone services and mail handling.

  • Virtual office address: You can use your virtual office address as your registered office address to receive official correspondence.
  • Phone services: You can use Voip Landline numbers or Virtual Mobile numbers to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. You can also use call answering or reception desk services. We offer excellent Voip services at an affordable rate, some of the Voip services are also included in our Virtual Office packages.
  • Mail handling services: You get a city center postal address. We own an impressive portfolio of virtual office and mail-handling addresses to choose from and give you the facility to build your own unique virtual office addresses.

How do I register my business at a virtual office in the UK?

You will first need to sign up to a virtual office subscription and create your own Virtual Office Address. Once the payment is received you can start using the address. Our cheap virtual office services are affordable and give you access to:

Incorporation of a limited company:

Forming a company can be complicated, as can staying on top of statutory filing requirements and regulations. We provide a comprehensive service starting with the incorporation of a company and moving on to make statutory periodic filings required by law to keep companies in good standing.

UK Ltd Company Formation

A virtual address:

A virtual address will make it easy to comply with Companies House regulations and give your business a professional image without the need for a physical space. This communicates stability, credibility, and legitimacy to your customers, suppliers, and partners.

It also offers privacy protection especially, for home-based businesses and freelancers. It separates personal and professional lives, shielding your home from business-related mail and unexpected visits; can safely share your contact details online without compromising security.

We own an impressive portfolio of virtual offices to choose from and give clients the facility to build their own unique virtual office addresses.  Once you choose an address package no other clients will ever be allocated the same address. The addresses of our virtual offices to choose from are the UK, Central and East London, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Personalised UK Virtual Office Address

Mail-handling service:

You get a city center postal address. All of our packages include mail handling services. We can receive mails on behalf of your company, you can then collect your posts from our office, request the letters to be scanned and emailed to you or forwarded to you as well based on the package you have.

With our mail handling services you can manage your posts without any hassle and effectively.

We offer a range of London Virtual Office packages starting from just £ 0.88 / per week Inc VAT. We offer discounts on Annual Payments and our Gold and Platinum package also includes free company formation for one of your companies.  

Getting a VoIP number:

A VoIP number is to separate business calls from personal calls and for an overall professional appearance for the business.

We provide a range of telephony solutions to support your business which include business Voip landline numbers and Virtual Mobile numbers which will enable you to receive calls anywhere in the world. With our Voip service you can get a local UK number that you can use from anywhere in the world. Our UK virtual mobile numbers come with the added facility to receive SMS messages and OTPs.

Our virtual packages that offer free VoIP numbers include silver, gold, and platinum. However, if you want to get them separate from the package, we offer UK virtual mobile numbers with a facility to receive SMS messages via email for only £1.25 per week and Voip landline numbers for any UK city to make or receive calls using an app from only £0.86 per week.

Call answering service:

This is a professional way to answer your calls and to give the appearance of you having many staff members. From as low as £1.10 per message, you will get calls and queries answered by our virtual receptionists in the name of your company and messages taken and emailed to the right department.

A website set up:

We provide free website builder software and domain names , and .uk, for your business when you purchase any Limited company formation or virtual office package from us.

A business bank account:

You will need a business bank account to separate personal and business transactions. We provide referrals to open multi-currency business accounts with upto £70 cash rewards.

Once your virtual address is registered, you can start using it on your business cards, brochures, newsletter, and other marketing materials to establish a strong presence in the market.

With a small budget, you can establish a business effectively with the use of a virtual office. This will allow you to focus on growth and expansion without a high overhead cost burden. A virtual office can also provide flexibility to scale up or down as needed, making it a practical solution for startups.

We give you access to one of our virtual office addresses located in prime locations for all of the registration and marketing requirements of your company. Get your own address today!

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